Alex Harelick

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The Basics

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Stuff I Have Done

Wikipedia Summer Research
FB Project
OT Voting Website


Networked & Social Systems Engineering you say? Alex, you can't just make up majors.
  • NETS is in fact a real major. The curriculum starts by giving each student a strong computer science base in the three introductory classes, Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, and Algorithms. We are then required to give our education some breadth by taking various courses in Economics and Systems Engineering. There are also specific NETS classes which focus on topics such as network analysis, scalable data processing, and game theory.
  • NETS students are allowed to choose what direction they take their degree in after fulfilling the requirements. I have decided to pursue Computer Science and will therefore be taking high level classes in Machine Learning and Databases, among others.
Your LinkedIn endorsements seem to imply that you juggle, do you juggle?
  • I have been raised in a very eccentric family.